• That there is an after life to be spent in one of two places: heaven or hell.

  • That heaven can only be gained by those whose sins are forgiven.

  • That Jesus Christ died to make forgiveness possible. That He rose from the dead and is today alive in heaven

  • That the Bible can be relied upon because it is the word of God.

  • That the Bible "declares" God's only message to Mankind.

  • That all are sinners by nature and by practice ( apart from Jesus Christ).

  • That the death of Christ is the only ground upon which God can grant forgiveness of sin.

  • That forgiveness of sins can only be obtained by those who have a personal faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

  • Once a person has trusted in Jesus Christ, the receive the Holy Spirit into their heart and are made a new creation.

  • That Jesus Christ will return to the air to rapture His Church first then return to the earth to set up Kingdom.