Jesus Standing

Psalm 1 v1 - Considering the features of the Blessed Man makes it most difficult not to see a lovely description of our Lord Jesus Christ, the One who would not, who could not stand in the way (the mould) of sinners.  There are quite a number of references to the Lord standing and perhaps it would be helpful to select a few adding a few comments to each. 
 In Luke ch 4 v 16 we are told He came to Nazareth, what memories; boyhood days, teenage years manhood days in the carpenters shop, now the early days of His public ministry. Luke records that these early days were spent in Galilee v14 John records the wedding in Cana. It is surely an example for us to express our testimony if possible in our locality. Also it was His custom to attend the prescribed place of worship, as it should be with us, and there He stood up to read, finding the place from which He would read. 
 In Ch. 5 v1 He is standing by the lake where we have the record catch of fish in spite of Peter only willing to let down the net, not as he had been asked to do "to let down the nets". We also have Peter's confession which was a turning point in his life along with the others, that from henceforth they would catch men. 
 At the close of Mark ch. 10 we have the record of the call of blind Bartimaeus.  With the public ministry now widened out Jesus is in Jericho where in response to the Saviour's call Bartimaeus responds "that I may receive my sight" to which the Saviour's response is "go thy way thy faith has made thee whole". The lesson perhaps for us, is to have absolute trust in the Lord Jesus to act in our ultimate interests although it may look different at the time. 
 Matthew records for us in ch.27 v11 that Jesus stood before Pilate answering when necessary but at all times with dignity and courtesy. A further evidence of His careful acknowledgement of the governor's position and delegated authority. 
 In John ch. 21 v 4 with the awful suffering of Calvary over we read, "When the morning was now come Jesus stood on the shore".  At that point none of the disciples recognised that it was Jesus, although it was not long before John said "it is the Lord". The inference from the negative reply to the Lord's question, have ye any meat? would suggest they had caught nothing but why? Could it be they had neither His promise nor His presence, when they had both, the difficulty was in landing the catch. In the public ministry days had He not said to them "without Me ye can do nothing". 
 Perhaps a final thought from Acts ch. 7 vs 55/56. Stephen with his body racked with pain looked up, what did he see? He saw the glory of God and Jesus standing on the right hand of God. While circumstances for us may be very different from Stephen's we will see Him and eternally worship Him.