‘All who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted’ - 2 Tim 3:12

Persecution has been something that has been synonymous with the Christian faith, right from the early days of the church till this very point in time. It is not something that we have known or seen in our society; however, there are many fellow Christians in other countries who are suffering daily because they want to live Godly lives. We should thank GOD that we do not have this type of persecution to bear, and remember those who are suffering daily.

The Bible does not say that life will be easy for us as Christians (Acts 14:22) but on the contrary states that if you really desire to live a Godly life, you WILL be persecuted in some form or the other. In fact, if you are not receiving any persecution, perhaps you should examine how you are living your life.

Paul teaches us that it is inevitable, so we should expect it. He was severely persecuted and he lists some of the things that happened to him in II Cor. 11: 23-28. The apostle Peter counted it a privilege to be flogged in Jerusalem in Acts 5. The Lord Jesus Christ himself suffered persecution like no other, when he lived here on earth. He was hated and rejected by men for whom he eventually paid the ultimate price by being crucified on the cross so that the punishment for their Sin could be taken care of. In the light of this, is it not a small thing for us to suffer a measure of persecution for His sake?

How true was Jim Elliot, the missionary who was martyred in Ecuador at the age of 28, when he said ‘He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot loose?’ May we as individuals have the same attitude as Jim Elliot and work towards a reward that is in heaven (Matthew 5:12) rather than fear persecution and shy away from witnessing to those around us.