May 2018

Hebrews CH 7 v 4

While a consideration of Melchisedec may present us with some difficulties, in particular with regard to the record in Genesis ch.14 where we are left in no doubt as to his importance in his position as the lovely and accurate picture in typical form of our Great High Priest, as far as we know from Scripture he is the only one allowed by God to occupy more than one position i.e. (Priest and King) and that with Divine approval. It is not the purpose of our Highlights to deal in detail with the doctrinal issues in respect of the King/Priest, but rather to see that a superior and unchangeable order of Priesthood is now before us in the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ. While our verse asks us to consider how great this man was, let us paraphrase from another context the Lord’s own words and “Behold a Greater than Melchisedec is here”. How inestimably great He was and is. Every pleasing feature can be seen in Him: 

  • Great in His Glory, John ch. 17 v5: Glorify Thou Me with the glory which I had with Thee.
  • Great in His humility, 1Cor. Ch8 v9: He was rich He became poor so that we might become rich.
  • Great in His Deity, John ch.1 v1: The Word was God. 
  • Great in His humanity, John ch.1 v14: The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. 
  • Great in His love, Johnch.13 vi. Having loved His own He loved them to the end/uttermost. 
  • Great in His Power, Mark ch.4 v39 He said to the sea, Peace be still and the wind ceased. And there was a great calm. 
  • Great in His tenderness, Luke ch.7 vv12/15: Weep not He said “Young man I say unto thee arise” He sat up and was delivered to his mother.

Many more lovely features could be added, perhaps an exercise for one’s quiet time. This is the One who loved me and gave Himself for me.