March 2017

As we perform some long overdue renovations to our hall at 220 Holburn Street, I have been drawn to a verse in scripture where Paul entreats the believers in Ephesus that they be “renewed in the spirit of their mind” Ephesians 4:23., the idea being that we renovate our minds!

As we have seen with our own hall, that before renovation, there requires to be an element of demolition, and so it is with the renovation of our minds.

Paul would remind us that with regard to our former manner of life, we are to lay aside, or demolish the ‘old self’. Why? Because he goes on to tell us that it is corrupt. This ‘corruption’ must be ‘demolished’ so that the renovation can proceed.

The ‘old self’ includes things such as falsehood, anger, stealing, guarding our tongue, bitterness, wrath, clamour, and malice, all of which we are told to put away. He gives us three reasons why we should do this:

1.    We are members of one another (verse 25)

2.    We should not give the devil an opportunity (verse 27)

3.    We should not grieve the Holy Spirit of God (verse 30)

It is sometimes difficult to picture what the renovation in the hall will look or feel like, but Paul tells us with regard to the renovation of our mind, that once the demolition has taken place, then the renovation can continue by ‘putting on the new self’, and as a result of this, what the finished product should look like.

We should:

1.    Speak truth (verse 25)

2.    Do good work (verse 28)

3.    Share with those in need (verse 28)

4.    Edify to meet needs (verse 29)

5.    Be kind one to another (verse 32)

6.    Be tender hearted (verse 32)

7.    Be forgiving to one another (verse 32)

Paul would also tells us that this renovated ‘new self’ is in the ‘likeness of God and has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth’. It was also purchased at great cost by His Son, Jesus Christ.

What a renovation and transformation this would be if we all made a commitment to apply the above characteristics personally, so that while we look forward to the transformation of the hall, we also look forward to the transformation in our own lives by this challenge from scripture.