Thought For The Month - December 2018

Come Before Winter
The arrival of winter again serves to remind us of God’s faithfulness. Genesis chapter 8 v 22 says, among other things “While the earth remains….summer and winter … shall not cease”. Elsewhere we are reminded that the times and the seasons the Father has put in His own power. His constancy in the processes of the universe is visible evidence that He is to be trusted and relied upon and just as the creation is designed to show His glory (Romans 1) so the way in which it is arranged and operates is a declaration of his consistency and trustworthiness.

The Song of Songs provides another reference to winter. In Ch. 2 the bridegroom makes the clear call to His betrothed to “rise up……. and come away for lo! the winter is past, the rain is over and gone……” The prospect of the coming of the one we have come to know and love should fill our hearts with cheer and hope. What a prospect as we wait to see the morning star appear to usher us into the warmth and light of His presence from the cold, harsh winter of this world.

The appeal of Paul to Timothy in 2 Tim ch 4 to “do thy diligence to come before winter” gives us some insight into the heart of the great apostle. We rightly consider him one of the strong men of the scriptures and are reminded that of himself he said “I have kept the Faith, I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course” but his request to Timothy for some comfort and companionship evidences a man with an affectionate and soft heart who in his turn had the needs of the Lord’s people at the centre of his thoughts. Some of our fellow saints are facing some serious winter days and need those of us who can to provide that comfort and companionship.