July 2018


The above was the title given to an editorial in the CMML missionary magazine, which resulted from an invitation by Mr. & Mrs. George W. Bush to the president of CMML and his wife to visit them at their summer property in 2009. It immediately set in train issues which would have to be carefully addressed as preparation was made for this high-profile visit.There was no thought of other arrangements preventing acceptance, this was now top of their priority list, since, George W. Bush had been, until a few months previously, viewed as the most powerful man in the free world. As the list of self-imposed requirements was gone over again and again, the question in Mr Turner’s mind was have I missed anything out? Well, he had considered the way by which he would address the ex- President, he had noted the requirements in respect of the dress code demanded, and last but not least he had to ensure he and his wife arrived on time, it would be inconceivable if they were to arrive late at “Walker’s Point”. No, he considered that careful consideration had been given to
ensure no offence would result. The appointed time duly arrived, with their hosts there to graciously welcome them. On their journey home they recalled the interest shown by their hosts in the work of CMML, but as they did so their conversation turned to a weekly invitation of a much higher order graciously extended to them by an infinitely greater Person than ex-president Bush. They now faced the searching question as to whether they gave the same consideration to the invitation by the Lord Jesus Christ to remember Him on the first day of each week. As I read the article I could not avoid the challenge of the practical issues presented by Mr.Turner. While their maybe varied opinions on the issues of ones decorum etc. as believers, we ought to be mindful of the fact that the Lord Jesus is unseen
but present as the “Host” which demands that we be conscious of His presence when we gather.