Searching through my collection of booklets, I came across one bearing the title “UNFAILING TRIUMPH”. While the contents did not come immediately to mind I did on lifting it up recall the source from which it came was the CBR in Hong Kong and the subject of the booklet was George Muller. This led to a fresh reading of my booklet, and I acknowledge the greater part of this page comes from the booklet. I trust itwill be both historically and spiritually challenging.

George Muller was born in Prussia formerly the German Kingdom on the 27th. September 1805. As a young man he lived a wild and godless life, but at the age of 21 he was suddenly converted while attending a Prayer Meeting. Shortly afterwards he came to England bringing with him no introductory letter and certainly no money, so what did he bring? His simple yet sincere response was; “he brought God with him”. Soon after arriving he wrote in his journal “My whole life shall be one of service for the Living God”

His principles were deeply rooted in the Holy Scriptures and he adhered to them throughout his long life. He never asked for help from anyone, never hinting that help was needed. Solely in answer to believing prayer a vast sum of money in the currency of his time was passed to him for the building and maintenance of “God’s Orphanage, for his Missionary Enterprises and for the circulation of the Scriptures”.

During his lifetime 10,000 destitute Orphans were housed, trained, educated and sent out into the world of his day. In his later years he travelled extensively throughout 42 countries, preaching the gospel to countless hearers. Having thus served his God in his day God called him home, early in the morning of 10th March 1898.

Since our day is so very different from the day in which this dear brother lived, does that mean there are no lessons for us to learn from his life and experiences with his God, surely there must be. Let this unusual highlights page end with one of his famous quotes; contemplating 4 v4 “Be anxious for nothing” and why not? Because it is impossible to be anxious without dishonouring God.