Rapture for the SaintsSee John 14 and 1 Thes 4 
The saints will be “caught away” in much the same way as Philip in Acts 8 v 39. This rapture will mean for the believer first a change of location – Heaven for Earth – 2 Cor 5 – “a house eternal in heavens”; 1 Pet 1 v 4 – “an inheritance…reserved in heaven” and secondly a change of status – Phil 3 – “change our vile bodies…. bodies of glory”; 1 Cor 15 – “Immortal and incorruptible bodies” 
Re-union for the Separated- See 1 Thes 4
There will be no disadvantage for those who have died – they shall rise first.  There will be different kinds of relationships however – e.g. no marrying or giving in marriage (Matthew 22 v30) yet we shall be “caught up together” to meet the Lord. 
Review for the Servants-See 2 Cor 5 v 10
Our motives will be reviewed – 1 Cor 4 – “make known the counsels of the heart” - not what we did but why we did it.  Our methods will be reviewed – 1 Cor 3 “let every man take heed how he builds” (Moses in Numbers 20 smote the rock rather than spoke to the rock). Our materials will be reviewed – 1 Cor 3 “now if any man build Gold, Silver, precious stones, wood, hay or stubble”. We need to build with materials that endure. 
This experience – the Judgement Seat - is between us individually and our Lord. It is not designed to cause us grief and sorrow when we are there, but to spur us on to faithfulness while we are here. 
Refreshment for the Creation
Presently the creation groans – Romans 8 v 22 but when Christ reigns there will be times of Plenty – Isiah 35 “the desert will blossom – the parched ground become a pool”;  Psa 72 – “handful of corn on mountain the fruit will be as Lebanon”.  There will be times of Peace – Micah 4/Joel 3 – “swords into plough shares etc”; Isiah 11 – “wolf/lamb, .…leopard and kid, …little child will lead them”. 
Revelation for Christ-“every eye shall see him” 
His glory will be revealed to His people when he comes to the air – his prayer in John 17 at least in measure fulfilled – “that they may behold My glory”.  His glory will be revealed to mankind when he comes to the Earth – Phil 2 – “every knee shall bow”; Psa 72 “they that dwell in the desert shall bow...” “let the whole earth be full of His glory”.