No doubt those who have been privileged to stand by the shore of the Lake which bears the above name, will have shared the magnetism generated by the walk of the Saviour as those holy feet moved from city to town to village, around the lovely blue waters of this inland sea. A favourite chorus of mine, without doubt generated by our visits is, “By blue Galilee Jesus walked of old”. The hills and valleys surrounding the blue waters radiate with precious memories of the movements of our blessed Saviour. Around its north-west shoreline were so many scenes of our Lord’s earthly ministry; Capernaum, Bethsaida, Chorazin to name
but a few, ref Matt. Ch 11 vv 20/24. In Matthew ch.4 v13 we are told the Saviour left Nazareth, and came to live in Capernaum, one reason being to fulfil verses in Isaiah ch.9, also walking by the sea He called Peter, Andrew, James and John who each one immediately left the fishing and followed Him. While Matthew records at this point, that Jesus went about all Galilee
teaching, preaching and healing it would seem He made His home in Capernaum. It is no doubt for this reason He was able to challenge the inhabitants of these towns in Matthew ch. 11 vv 20/24 in respect of the height of their privilege, particularly since the Saviour was able to say (wherein most of His mighty works had been done), and the awful consequences to which they had exposed themselves. This would underline for us a sobering principle that “Responsibility for actions will always be weighed on the Scales of Privilege”. In spite of the rejection the Saviour seemed to experience in Capernaum many miracles were performed; perhaps the most amazing being the man with the unclean spirit the demon cast out inspite of its railing accusations, we are also told “He healed many that were sick”. Interesting to read the latter part of Mark ch.1 - the question might well
be asked ; why the tranquillity of the lake was on occasions turned into a storm tossed sea, perhaps an interesting subject for another time.