Reading: 2 Timothy chapter 3 verses 8 – 9 ‘Jannes and Jambres’ 
This is the only time in the whole bible that these two persons are mentioned, as there is no reference to them by name in the Old Testament. History would indicate that they are probably two of the magicians that used tricks to try and copy the miracles Moses performed before Pharaoh in Egypt. 
We are told four things about them. The first three are characteristics, and the last is the end result for those with these characteristics. Firstly, we are told they resisted the truth, secondly, we are told they had corrupt minds; thirdly, we are told they were disapproved or useless concerning the truth, and lastly we are told they would be exposed. 
In this era of Christianity we have many that resist the truth like Jannes and Jambres and have been a source of major problems to the church, they have gone ahead with their teachings and false doctrines that tend to focus on Jesus Christ but ends up glorifying themselves more rather than Christ, for example those who deny the existence of the trinity or “GODHEAD” as in John 10:33, in a way they are resisting the Truth. 
We as Christians should be marked in contrast to this by upholding the Truth. This will identify us as being different when all around us are those who have no time for the truth. Paul tells us not to have corrupt minds but rather to renew our minds, and have the mind of Christ (Rom 12:2) so that we may be able to understand and identify the truth there by being useful and not useless in the work of God. 
Jannes and Jambres had all the acts and show, but it was all false as it was not of God or for God. We are told the ultimate result of this path, ‘they will prosper no further’. Let us try and keep clear of these false people and have the mind of Christ who is The Way, The Truth and The Life. (John 14:6)